New for School Tours in 2015 Education & Tours

Have you heard what’s Hoppening in Fota Wildlife Park for 2015?

While every visit to Fota Wildlife Park is educational – this year your experience will be further enhanced by hopping along to our new Tropical House!  Fota’s Tropical House is home to a variety of reptiles, fish, amphibians and even a selection of colourful butterflies which are guaranteed to make you flutter!  A miniature oasis - where you can experience a tropical feel on any day of the year! There’s fun for everyone during our interactive daily encounter programme of animal talks and feeding times. This indoor habitat is home to many South American & Asian reptile, fish and bird species, including a 2m long Boa!  With the tropical temperatures and humid air, you’ll really get a sense of what it feels like to be in the rainforest.

Explore and enjoy, learn and get closer than ever before to our new residents with our daily events calendars which offer students an opportunity to marvel at the wonders of nature!

Tropical House Information Sessions –
Our visitor information team will introduce your students to our new residents; ranging from axolotols to the rarest frog species in the world, there’s something to suit everyone’s interest!

Cost: €7.50 per student (non-guided) including entrance fee
Group Size: Minimum group size of 20 students

Guided Educational Tours

Add a touch of the WILD to your class visit and experience one of the Park’s fun and informative education programs! Make a connection with wildlife during an on-site tour of the park and receive an insight as to what daily life is like for its 400+ residents!  Explore our New Tropical House and Animal Care Building and see many of our new species!
Apart from being a home to an array of exotic wildlife, Fota also provides a variety of habitats to many native species! Students are introduced to woodland ecology and are provided with an opportunity to experience what the life of an ecologist involves.  Pooters, pitfall traps and beating trays are used to explore a typical Irish woodland and to capture and identify its many inhabitants!
Once your formal educational experience is completed, classes are encouraged to avail of our additional complimentary workshops and activities.
All tours support several discipline areas for national standards.

Cost: 10 euros per student (inclusive of entrance fee)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Group Size: Group Size: Minimum group size of 20 students

Whatever the weather and whatever your age
There is always something to ‘see, learn, discover and do’ at Fota Wildlife Park!’ We look forward to seeing you soon

Booking Line 0214812678 ext 206 or email

Group Meal Price Drop for 2015
Meal options available from €3 – €4.75