Upcoming & Daily Events at Fota Wildlife Park
Apr - Feb
1st - 2th
  • Time: 12.45pm & 4pm
  • Location: Next to Main Entrance

Cheetah Run

See the worlds fastest animal being fed daily in Fota Wildlife Park

Renowned for its successful breeding programme, over 200 cheetah cubs have been born in Fota since 1985. The cats are housed in a similar way to how they live in the wild - males together, with females separated - and Fota also has Ireland’s first and only Cheetah Run.

The exhibit keeps the Cheetahs active, while maintaining their wild instincts – though it can take some time for newcomers to understand how to catch their meal! Fota’s Cheetahs are fed chicken, rabbit or horsemeat. Rabbit tends to be their favourite, with richer horsemeat given out once a week.

The Cheetah Run is located next to the main entrance and is a must see if you are visitng Cork

12th - 27th

Easter Fun @ FOTA

Join the Activity team at Fota Wildlife Park this Easter for some fun with Arts & Crafts plus Face Painting Daily.

This Easter is going to be a fun one at Fota Wildlife Park with the new tropical house, wildlife talks, animal feeding times and some kids activities daily.

There will be Easter Themed Arts & Crafts from 11am - 2pm

followed by face painting by (we might be a bit biased) the best face painters in Ireland from 3pm - 5pm

On top of the kids activities we also have loads of fun talks about your favourite animals at the times below:

10.45am Giraffe
11.30am Cheetah
12.00pm Siamang Gibbon
12.30pm Eagle & Seal
12.45pm Cheetah Run
1.00pm Penguin
2.15pm Siamang Gibbon Feeding
2.30pm Lion-Tailed Macaque
3.00pm Siamang Gibbon
3.30pm Eagle & Seal
4.00pm Cheetah Run
4.30pm Penguin Feeding
5.00pm Seal Feeding
5.15pm Giraffe Crossing

Plus the team will also be on hand throughout the day at our new tropical house informing you on some of the new residents at Fota Wildlife Park including frogs, lizards, snakes, butterflies, turtles and many more.

20th - 21st

Easter Workout with iKids

iKIDS are going to get kids working off the all the lovely easter eggs this Sunday and monday at the park

Instead of filling kids with more Chocolate this Easter Sunday & Monday we instead are helping kids to have fun getting fit with our friends from iKids in Glanmire.

iKids are committed to making a positive impact on the health and well being of children. They do this by offering activity programs which are innovative, inclusive and suitable for children of ages and ability levels.

They want to make exercise for children fun so they can develop a healthy attitude towards exercise from a young age. This is why their activities are all designed to be motivational and engaging. The principle idea behind iKIDS is a simple but effective one, make it fun and you will not only get a higher level of participation, but the children will also get more out of it.

This Easter weekend Aidan and his team from IKids will be bringing their mobile outdoors unit complete with cool dance mats to Fota Wildlife Park.  They hope to get everyone jumping around like Easter bunnies from 11am – 5pm on both days.

For more information on iKids visit their website www.interactivekids.ie

  • Booking: Wed 30th Apr

Cheetah Run 4 mile Road Race 2014

In May of each year, Eagle Athletic Club organise the Cheetah Run in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork. Since its inception, it has been one of the most popular races in the Cork area and sells out every year. Covering a distance of 4 miles, this is the only race of its kind in Europe with runners running on roads through a wildlife park.

Last years race became a global hit when the video below appeared on ITN, Huffington Post & Good Morning America on ABC in the US



2014 Entry details…


In 2013, all 850 online entries sold out in under 3 hours. This year, there is a slight increase in numbers to 900 and the online entries will open in two batches to accommodate people at work and at home.


On Wednesday the 30th of April 2014, online entries will open at 10am with a limit of 450 places available through  http://precisiontiming.primo-solutions.co.uk/ps/event/CheetahRun2014. If they sell out then entries will close again until 7pm that evening when entries open again for the remaining 450.


The entry fee is €12 and there are no additional online charges as these have been absorbed by the club.


As it’s a 4 mile race, all entrants must be aged 18 or over on the day of the race as per the recommendations in the Athletics Ireland permit…“10. Athletes must be 18 years of age to compete in events of 10,000m and over. The recommended age groups for juveniles are: Up to U11 – 1 mile: 12 – 13 2k: 14-15 3k: 16 – 18 5k“.


There are no entries available on the day of the race and there is no waiting list for cancellations. Once the 900 places are gone then that’s it.


The event on the day will be chip timed and entrants will be allowed to bring family members into the wildlife park once they have a race number. Race numbers are collected on the night. Please note, we cannot cater for walkers due to the overlap nature of the course. More details closer to the date but for the moment, mark the entry date in your diary…Wed 30th Apr.





We are delighted to have the continued sponsorship of Laya Healthcare for the Cheetah Run. Laya Healthcare is one the of leading health insurance companies in the country and provides coverage for nearly half a million people.


Their website is http://www.layahealthcare.ie/



We would also like to acknowledge the continuing sponsorship of John Buckley Sports for this years race. John Buckley has been a great supporter of road races and athletics in the Cork region over the years and is one of the main shops in Cork for running gear.


One added bonus for anyone that takes part in the 2014 race is that John Buckley Sports are offering a 20% discount on all running goods on presentation of the race number at the shop. The savings made alone could well exceed the entry fee.


Their website can be found at http://johnbuckleysports.com/



We would like to welcome Brooks Running on board as a sponsor. Brooks Running are one of the major brands for running gear worldwide and have a wide selection of running shoes and apparel for men and women.

Their website for the UK and Ireland is http://brooksrunning.co.uk/

Jul - Aug
1st - 31st
  • Location: Marquee outside Oasis Cafe

Larry the Lemur and Friends

Larry the Lemur and FriendsMeet the parks mascot Larry the Lemur and his friends at our new marquee behind the playground by the Oasis Cafe

Join in games, watch puppet shows and most of all keep an eye out for Larry the Lemur when he appears at different times throughout the day.


Responsible Pet Ownership Weekend

Find out how to look after Pets in a responsible way this weekend

This event will be aimed at educating the public on pet welfare and what animals or birds are suitable for people's homes. Organiser of the event Lynda McSweeney head of education at the park highlighted the importance of the event, "the objective of the weekend is to highlight the crucial services that these organisations provide to animals in distress".

The importation of exotic species to Ireland has grown in the last number of years and this has led to some of them being let loose in the wild when they become to hard to handle. Fota Wildlife Park hopes that both adults and kids can learn about pets and what impact dangerous pets can have both on the animal and the family home.

Lynda who will join forces with some of Cork's leading based charities to deliver the message believes that the event will help inform people on what happens to pets when they are abandoned or mistreated. She added that "these organisations are effectively the animal emergency service who are out in all types of weather rescuing animals in need and our goal is to highlight the neglect of animals and the ongoing issues faced with people getting pets and then abandoning them".

The education team at Fota Wildlife Park hope that with events like this we can prevent cruelty to animals.


Lions Youth Brass Band

The Lions Youth Brass band all the way from Sandbach in Chesire will play in the park on their tour of Ireland so come along and enjoy some music. More details on the band can be found on http://www.lionsyouthbrass.co.uk/


ROG 1st Birthday Party

Our youngest cheetah at the park ROG celebrates his 1st birthday on Saturday and we want you to come and sing happy birthday to him as he recieves his special birthday cake at 2pm. Click on the facebook event below for more details



Oct - Nov
25th - 2nd
  • Time: 11am - 5pm
  • Location: Small Marquee

Halloween Fun

Join Our Actvities Team for some spooky fun this Halloween in Fota Wildlife Park, Cork

Each day we will be having Spooky Arts & Crafts from 11am -2pm and Face Painting from 3pm - 5pm

We have an extra special event on Halloween where our team will be on hand for the annual Halloween Makeover from 11am - 5pm so if you have any special requests to be transformed into a wolf, a witch etc.. email Sinead [email protected]

Dec - Jan
27th - 4th
  • Location: Education Complex

Childrens Activities

Childrens ActivitiesOur Activities Team will be doing Arts and Crafts in our Education Complex from 11:00 - 16:00 daily for the Christmas Holidays.

8th - 10th
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Location: Education Complex
  • Booking: (021) 4812678

Fota Easter Camp

Fota Wildlife Park's Annual Easter Activity Camp takes place this year from Wednesday 8th April to Friday 10th April

Cost: €25.00 per child per day or €68 for 3 days

10% discount is available for members or 3 or more children.

Full payment is required on receipt of booking form. Monies paid are non-refundable.


Arrival/ Collection: Participants are to be dropped to the Education Centre, Fota Wildlife Park at 11.00am each morning and are to be collected each evening at 4.00pm.


For Bookings please contact the Education Dept. on (021) 4812678 or 4812736 ext 206 or email [email protected]

Book early to avoid disappointment