Special Events

  • Time: 8pm
  • Location: Fota Wildlife Park
  • Booking: www.eagleac.net

Cheetah Run 4 mile Road Race 2015

The 2015 Cheetah Run in Fota Wildlife Park will take place on Thursday the 14th of May at 8pm. The plan is to open entries on Thursday the 30th of April. If it is anything like last year then all the available places should be gone in a few hours.

This is one of the most popular races in Cork and it's easy to see why. Not only is the race unique in that it is through a wildlife park but anyone entering can also bring family members along.

Last year, the field was limited to 900 runners and entries sold out in a few hours. It's very likely that there will be a similar level of demand this year. There will be chip timing again like last year.

Because of the high demand, the online entries in two batches, once in the morning and once in the evening to accommodate people at work and at home.

Entries....On Thursday the 30th of April, online entries will open at 10am via Eagle AC website. It will stay open until 450 places are filled. It seems very likely that based on last year, these 450 will sell out very fast. Once the first 450 entries are filled, entries will close. At 7pm that evening, entries will open again until the remaining 450 places sell out.

Who knows it may also produce a moment like this which ended up going viral around the world