Education Events

  • Location: Various locations throughout the Park

Wildlife Talks + Feeding Times

If you want to know how tall a Giraffe is or why the Siamang Gibbons sing, catch one of our Wildlife talks on a Saturday or Sunday around the park.

Come meet our team of zoologists and hear about these amazing animals at the times below:

10.45am Giraffe
11.30am Cheetah
12.00pm Siamang Gibbon
12.30pm Eagle & Seal
12.45pm Cheetah Run
1.00pm Penguin
2.15pm Siamang Gibbon Feeding
2.30pm Lion-Tailed Macaque
3.00pm Siamang Gibbon
3.30pm Eagle & Seal
4.00pm Cheetah Run
4.30pm Penguin Feeding
5.00pm Seal Feeding
5.15pm Giraffe Crossing

Plus the team will also be on hand throughout the day at our new tropical house informing you on some of the new residents at Fota Wildlife Park including frogs, lizards, snakes, butterflies, turtles and many more.