Christmas at Fota Wildlife Park - Fota Wildlife Park

Christmas at Fota Wildlife Park

Christmas at Fota Wildlife Park

Christmas Opening Times

While our dedicated Animal Care staff work throughout the Christmas period the Wildlife Park is closed to visitors from 24th – 26th of December. We re-open and operate at normal winter hours from December 27th throughout the rest of the Christmas & New Year period.
The animals here continue to receive the same level of care, husbandry and attention that they receive throughout the year.

Christmas Gifts

Fota Wildlife Park offers several unique gift ideas. A Fota Wildlife Park gift card, annual pass, or animal sponsorship can be a thoughtful and caring gift for any animal lover, especially a child or young family. We also have a range of products available from our online gift shop, with a larger range available in-store at the Serengeti Gift Shop at Fota Wildlife Park.

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If you wish to gift Fota Wildlife Park a donation, please check out donations page or find out more about our Conservation work here.

Santa at Fota

We do not have a Santa experience here in Fota Wildlife Park, but some of our neighbours here on Fota Island and the Great Island, Cobh, do, both Fota House and  Cork North Pole Experience in nearby Cuskinny Court. Please contact them directly for their Santa arrangements for 2023.

The Alpine Skate Trail, at Cork is located close to the Wildlife Park on Fota Island. Many visitors in winter make a day’s adventure to Fota Island to enjoy both the Wildlife Park and an evening skating at Alpine Skate Trail. While we a neighbours, the Skate Trail is run by Cool Running Events and is separate to Fota Wildlife Park. Please contact directly for ice skating queries.


(Please note that some of the above links lead to outside websites. While Fota Wildlife Park, Fota House & Gardens, Fota Island Resort, Fota Adventure and Scouting Ireland Fota (and seasonally the Alpine Skate Trail), are all located on Fota Island, they are all separate entities.)