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Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

On-line booking pages will re-open on the 19th April.


About the Lime

The Small-leaved Lime or Small-leaved Linden is a tree species native to much of Europe and Asia, within a range that stretches from the British Isles to Russia and southwards towards Spain. The deciduous plant can reach up to 39 metres in height and its branches host a mixture of full-bodied leaves and tufts of small yellow-green flowers.

Lime was commonly planted on landscaped avenues throughout the 17th and 18th centuries and a similar species found in North America is known as Bassword or American Linden. The wood is commonly used for wood carvings and finer house furnishings, while the Linden flower has several traditional herbal uses and is used to treat colds, fevers, sore throats and coughs amongst other everyday ailments.