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Silver Birch Animals & Plants

About the Silver Birch

Birch was one of the first trees to flourish in Ireland after the last Ice Age, and two species of the plant are native to the island – the Silver Birch and Downy Birch.

Elegant and slender trees, they are not always easy to identify and are commonly used as street trees in this country because of their shape and size. A silvery colour in appearance, they have a white-coloured peeling bark and produce drooping catkins during the Spring, which remain and mature into seeds by Autumn.

The Silver Birch is more tolerant of poor soil conditions than some trees and can even act as a nurse species to other plants while they are establishing themselves in a new area. They grow quickly but only survive a relatively short period when compared to other tree varieties. Uses include timber, extract for dyes and its leaves are also used as a diuretic tea. Found throughout the Park.