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America wakes up to Fota Wildlife Park

On Monday June 3rd Fota Wildlife Park appeared on the very popular US TV Show "Good Morning America" as part of their play of the day segment.

The show which is watched by nearly 6 million Americans daily played a video which was posted by Fota Wildlife Park after the recent Cheetah Run 4 mile road race organised by Eagle AC. The video which is only 39 seconds long shows how open and natural the park is when Ostriches and Zebra start running alongside the participants in the race.

The video which has over 20,000 YouTube hits has been a viral senstation with an appearance on the online news site Huffington Post plus ITN in the UK. Good Morning America Host Josh Elliot said "America You Love This" its "Pastoral" and told people "You Gotta Go to Cork".

The video was taken by head of marketing at Fota Wildlife Park Stephen Ryan with an iPhone. The cheetah run takes place every year in May at Fota Wildlife Park and this year it sold out in over 2 hours. We expect that next year there could be a lot of interest from the United States and the UK.

Below is a the original video which appears on the parks own YouTube Channel