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Baby Agile Gibbon at Fota Wildlife Park is Named

Baby Agile Gibbon at Fota Wildlife Park is Named

After a three week search and considering hundreds of suggestions, Fota Wildlife Park is delighted to announce the name of its new Agile Gibbon; Toba.

The newly named baby gets their name after Lake Toba which is located in the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. One of the areas the Agile Gibbon species is found in is southeast of lake on the Island Sumatra. Staff at the park were impressed with the initiative of the entry being a name related to the Agile Gibbons and their habitat, while also being a suitable name for either a male or female.

The chosen name was suggested a few times so Fota Wildlife Park did a random draw and picked out Rachel Clifford from Limerick as the winner of a park membership for a year.

Agile Gibbons have been at Fota Wildlife Park since the 1990’s and Fota is one of the few wildlife parks worldwide to successfully breed this particular species in captivity, through long-established breeding programmes which are run cooperatively with other institutions around the world the Park is helping restore populations of some species while protecting the survival of others. Toba, whose sex is still yet to be determined, was born in the park this summer and is the third offspring of mom Chloe and dad Conor.



The Agile Gibbons at Fota Wildlife Park recently moved into an island in the parks Asian Sanctuary which is also home to other endangered and critically endangered species such as the Asiatic Lion, the Indian Rhino and also from the Indonesian Island, the Sumatran Tiger.