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BIAZA Director is given an OBE in UK

Fota Wildlife Park would like to congratulate Dr Miranda Stevenson Director of BIAZA (British & Irish Association of Zoo's & Aquariums) on her getting an award of an OBE for services to wildlife and conservation in the 2012 UK New Year's honours list.

Over the last 25 years zoological gardens and aquariums have undergone a renaissance from primarily being centres of entertainment they have transformed into powerful instruments of conservation and education. This change has been led by some amazing and dynamic individuals and included in these is Dr Miranda Stevenson.

In her earlier role as Curator of Edinburgh Zoo, Miranda began to employ techniques to dramatically raise the care and welfare of zoo animals. Miranda was also one of the driving forces behind the formation of international cooperative breeding programmes for endangered species.

Miranda's present role as Director of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria has been an ideal platform to continue her mission to improve zoos and raise the contribution of zoos to science and conservation. BIAZA President, Sir Drummond Bone says "'this is a most well deserved honour, and reflects not only all the work which Miranda has put into our community over the years, but the progress she has made in raising the profile of zoos and aquaria generally."

Fota Wildlife Park had the honour of hosting Miranda and the rest of the Zoological community in the UK & Ireland last june when the park held the Annual BIAZA Conference. The award is also acknowledgement for the great work that BIAZA does in both conservation and education.