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Bosco Returns to Celebrate 30 Years of Fota Wildlife Park

The Pavilion in Cork played host on Thursday night last to the launch of Fota Wildlife Park’s Summer Carnival which is taking place from June 22nd until August 25th to mark 30 years of the popular animal attraction which includes the return of Bosco.

The launch which had Bosco, magician Tony Baloney, mentalist Liam Sheehan and Cork Circus act Hakuna Matata performing on stage to a packed audience, that consisted of all ages reflecting the wide appeal of Fota Wildlife Park and provided a sample of what is in store this summer.

Speaking at the launch Stephen Ryan, Head of Marketing at Fota Wildlife Park said “30 years is a great milestone and we wanted to celebrate it with as many people as we can and that is why we have put together a line up of events that spans 10 weeks from June 22nd until August 25th”.

One of the biggest features of the summer carnival is the installation of a 5,000 square foot marquee which will seat 500 people in a theatre style setting. Mr Ryan feels this will add great value to the park’s visitors, “the idea of the marquee is to guarantee people shelter from the rain which we couldn’t do last year but now we will have shows running daily live on stage which will only add to the visitor experience”.

The biggest name on Fota’s Summer Carnival line up is that of Bosco, the popular kids puppet from RTE in the 80s and 90s, and he will be performing 3 daily shows every Monday to Friday from July 1st. The impact of Bosco is set to be a big benefit to Fota Wildlife Park as the parents of young kids will look to relive childhood memories with many at the launch very excited and humming along to the popular theme tune.

The Fota Wildlife Park Carnival will kick off with a Midsummer Fiesta on June 22nd which will be a Latin themed night with entertainers, Latino band, Salsa Dancers and a special Latino themed BBQ. The Midsummer Fiesta will also act as a fundraising night for the parks future plans with tickets priced at €50 and will finish in style with a special countdown at 12pm marking 30 years of Fota Wildlife Park.

June 23rd will see the park turn into a 70 acre carnival with entertainers from Cork Circus on stilts, doing acrobats, puppet shows and aerial performances throughout the day. The Birthday party will also have cake making demonstrations for kids, face painting and the unveiling of a very special cake for the day by local cake creators a touch of magic.

Every Saturday and Sunday the park will host a different themed weekend including magic shows, environmental weekends, African, Asian and drumming weekends. The park will also be hosting Silent Discos on special family fun nights on June 28th and July 26th with guest DJs and tickets for those events will be priced at €15 per adult and €10 per child.

Tickets for the Midsummer Fiesta and Silent Discos will be on sale soon