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EAZA Teddy Bears Picnic with Tropicana Pure Premium

Have you teddy bears at home who would like to visit a wildlife park? Well now they can. This Sunday June 21st (Father’s Day) Fota Wildlife Park will be hosting the EAZA Teddy Bears Picnic in association with Tropicana Pure Premium to raise awareness of the EAZA European Carnivore Campaign.

The European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) run an annual international fundraising campaign. Previous campaigns have focussed on tigers, rhinos and amphibians. The EAZA European Carnivore Campaign 2009 aims to raise awareness for large carnivores in Europe.

Called Living Together, it highlights the need for human populations to live alongside native predators. The campaign has identified twelve carnivores – dubbed the Dirty Dozen - the Arctic fox, brown bear, Eurasian otter, Eurasian lynx, Eurasian wildcat, European mink, golden jackal, grey wolf, Iberian lynx, marbled polecat, polar bear and wolverine. Two of these, the otter and the wild cat, are native to the UK.

Fota Wildlife Parks Head of Marketing Stephen Ryan spoke to Fota Blog on the event: “Conservation is not just about exotic species in faraway places. a prime example of this is the red squirrel that many people see on their visit to Fota Wildlife Park. Therefore it is very important for the park to support this initiative and creative awareness of the European carnivores that have become endangered species. Even though Fota Wildlife Park does not have any of the so called dirty dozen we are still committed to this event and hope to have a great family day out to celebrate this on the day with a wide range of activities with our brand new animal antics team including face painting, storytelling, talks and African drumming. We are also giving each person with a teddy bear some snacks for the picnic and fresh orange juice thanks to our sponsors Tropicana Pure Premium.”

The EAZA Teddy Bears’ Picnic takes place on 21st June (Fathers’ Day), when zoos, wildlife park’s and aquariums across Europe will be holding lunch-time picnics with the aim of breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest teddy bears’ picnic. Dublin Zoo currently holds the record for the event at 34,000 bears. To break this record Fota Wildlife Park will require people in the park by 12pm so that everyone has their drinks and snacks with their teddy’s ready to be counted.

Fota Wildlife Park is giving free entry to all children with a teddy bear to the park before 12pm. All you have to do is print off the voucher on www.fotawildlife.ie

Each person is allowed bring up to 20 teddy bears with them on the day and each one will be counted as part of the record attempt.

For more details on the campaign and the dirty dozen visit http://www.carnivorecampaign.eu/