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Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

On-line booking pages will re-open on the 19th April.


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Family Frog Day

Family Frog Day

Fun, food, frogs and conservation! It’s all happening in Fota Wildlife Park on Saturday, 27th of September. This event, our Family Froggy Fun Day, is taking place at 12 o’clock in the park as part of Fota Wildlife Park’s conservation effort to save many of the world’s amphibians from the brink of extinction. During this family  event, the main aim of the day is combining fun with raising awareness about the ‘Amphibian Alarm: The Year of the Frog’ campaign. There will be many activities organized, aimed at children and adults alike such as face painters, puppeteers, story telling, sing-a-longs, live music and other circus/amphibian themed events which include fantastic shows and walkabouts by Cork Circus!

Running throughout the day, Fota Wildlife Park’s Talks Presenters will be holding amphibian talks and displaying tadpoles, frogs and other creatures for the visitors to see and touch. Also included will be a barbeque, held from twelve to four in afternoon.

Awareness is the key to success with any conservation campaign. Currently over 50% of the worlds amphibians, from frogs to caecillans are facing certain extinction in the next 10 years due primarily to human actions. It is up to each and every one to help save these wonderful creatures. Through songs, stories, talks and games the plight of the amphibians will be highlighted, helping families and their children understand Fota Wildlife Park’s Amphibian Alarm campaign in an easy, fun and relaxed manner.


Event date: 27th September.

Approximate duration 12.00 pm to 5.00pm.

Regular park entrance fees apply.

Event is free of charge, excluding food and face painters.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

No pre-booking necessary.