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Fota Into The Wild - Episode 3 on this Sunday, Feb 23, at 8 pm

Fota Into The Wild - Episode 3 on this Sunday, Feb 23, at 8 pm

Last week saw presenter Andrea Hayes follow Fota Wildlife Park's rangers learning about the primates in the park, featuring some of the parks educational tours and  in Fota; and a journey to visit European Bison born in the Cork that were reintroduced to the wild in Romania.

You can catch up on the first two episodes on Virgin Media Television's Online Player here - Fota: Into The Wild (This link will take you to their website) .

This week's Fota: Into the Wild is mainly dedicated to Fota's on-going conservation work in Ireland. Both inside and outside the boundaries of the 100 acre park.

In tandem with the National Parks & Wildlife Service, Fota has been working on an Irish conservation project for the Natterjack Toad. Providing a safe home for the fragile toad spawn and toad-lets to provide greater chances for survival before they are reintroduced back into the wild.

The programme will also take a look at native red squirrel and corncrake initiatives. 

The episode also features four, then newly-born cheetah cubs. Fota's cheetah breeding programme has been one of the most successful on a global scale with over 220 cubs born since 1985.