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Fota Summer Camp 2015

Kids, are you interested in nature?

Have you ever wondered why a giraffe sleeps standing up or why the cheetah is the fastest land animal? Come to Fota Wildlife Park's Summer Camps and have all of your questions answered!! ...
Fota Wildlife Park's Summer Camps promise to provide a unique and unforgettable time for all! Camps are taking place over a two week period during the months of July and August.

Fota Wildlife Park's education department has been providing summer camps since 1995. Since their establishment, attendance figures have grown to over 450 participants over a five week period, making it one of the most popular summer camps in the Munster area! Our Summer Camps have been developed with the aim of engendering a respect for the natural world in children of all ages, this is achieved by taking a "play" approach to learning with the aim of enthusing and encouraging an interest in nature and its many wonders. Through years of valuable experience and programme revision, we have carefully put together a selection of activities which address each participants' requirements and interests. Activities range from arts and crafts to sports and environmental activities. All of the activities on offer are based around the theme of the natural world. Participants are segregated based on age groups and the activities on offer are age specific.

Part of the Summer Camp's goal includes collaborating with local organisations and companies to promote and encourage environmental awareness. The environmental Unit of Cork County Council has kindly sponsored a series of events including "Friday is environmental funday".

July 20th - 24th
Aug 10th - 14th

A supervised train service is available from Kent station in Cork City as well as a number of additional stops along the Cork to Cobh line. Summer camps details are as follows:
Cost €95 per child per week.

10% discount available for members or for 3 or more children

More details are available from the education Dept:
or 021 4812678 ext 206