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Fota Wildlife Park Facebook Fan Page Reaches 5,000

Fota Wildlife Park's Facebook fan page reached the magical 5,000 mark at the weekend and is now prooving to be a great source of up to date infromation from the park.

The page which launched in July of last year has been very popular with people of all ages who have a passion or interest in the park. As a fan of Fota Wildlife Park on facebook you get to hear the stories first and join in the discussion with other fans.

Fans of the page are coming from all over the world with fans joining us as far away as Australia and Pakistan making it the number one wildlife park fan page on Facebook. The park also do a regular feature on Fota News on comments that are put up on their fan page, this goes out to over 4,000 homes every 3 months. 

If you are on Facebook and want to get the latest news on the park click here.