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Fota Wildlife Park hosting Responsible Pet Ownership Weekend

Fota Wildlife Park and official partner Maxi Zoo are hosting a responsible pet ownership weekend in the park this coming Saturday and Sunday April 10/11th in association with the Donkey Sanctuary, Animal care Society and The Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to animals.

This event will be aimed at educating the public on pet welfare and what animals or birds are suitable for people's homes. Organiser of the event Lynda McSweeney head of education at the park highlighted the importance of the event, "the objective of the weekend is to highlight the crucial services that these organisations provide to animals in distress".

The importation of exotic species to Ireland has grown in the last number of years and this has led to some of them being let loose in the wild when they become to hard to handle. Fota Wildlife Park hopes that both adults and kids can learn about pets and what impact dangerous pets can have both on the animal and the family home.

Lynda who will join forces with some of Cork's leading based charities to deliver the message believes that the event will help inform people on what happens to pets when they are abandoned or mistreated. She added that "these organisations are effectively the animal emergency service who are out in all types of weather rescuing animals in need and our goal is to highlight the neglect of animals and the ongoing issues faced with people getting pets and then abandoning them".

The education team at Fota Wildlife Park hope that with events like this we can prevent cruelty to animals. The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday April 10th/11th between 12pm and 5pm with guest speakers and stands from all the organisations involved.

Maxi Zoo will also be on hand to give advice on nutrition for pets as official partner to the weekend.