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Fota Wildlife Park Pick Names for Baby Giraffes

The names were chosen for their meaning by the wardens at the Cork Attraction from the hundreds of suggestions that came from families and schools. “We chose Aideen for the female calf as it means little fire which suits her personality, whilst Fáda was chosen for the male to represent the long neck giraffes have” added Stephen Ryan head of marketing for Fota Wildlife Park.

(Picture taken by Facebook fan Nicola O'Dwyer Hickey)

The first born was Aideen on January 25th to mother Bláithín and father Walder, two days later Fáda was born to mother Sapphire and father Tadgh. The calves now become the youngest of a herd of Rothschild giraffe at Fota Wildlife Park, which are one of nine races of giraffe found in Africa.

The winning names were chosen by Caroline Dalton from Cork who was the only person to pick Aideen, whilst Fáda was a popular choice with it being suggested 10 times for its meaning long. Gurrane National School Junior Infants were randomly picked and get the prize of a class tour to see the calf up close at Fota Wildlife Park.

The Giraffes are set to be a big hit this Easter weekend along with a 3 year old giraffe named Arria which has just arrived from Dublin Zoo in a move which saw 1½ year old Casey move in the opposite direction. Fota Wildlife Park is open every day over the Easter weekend.