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To celebrate the launch of Furby Boom, a mysterious interactive giant egg arrived at Fota Wildlife Park in Cork today.  For the first time ever using an augmented reality app, Furby fans and visitors to visit Fota Wildlife Park over the weekend (Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd) will receive a sneak preview of the unhatched Furbling.

The original Furby was the must-have toy in 1998 and again when it relaunched in 2012. Now this year, the all new Furby Boom will introduce its owners to a whole new way to play with Furby! To celebrate its release, Fota Wildlife Park will delight fans and visitors with a magical preview of the new species set to take a new generation by storm.

Featuring all the ‘magic’ and personality of its predecessor plus twice the content, the new Furby Boom creature combines entertaining physical and digital play including the ability to hatch digital Furbling friends and take kids on a digital adventure via a free bespoke app as they raise, care for and play games with their playmate. As owners play with and care for their Furby Boom they will earn colourful virtual eggs that in time will each hatch and become a Furbling virtual friend. Both owners and Furby Boom can feed, play and interact with the virtual Furbling creatures who speak both English and Furbish.