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Fota Into The Wild - Returns to Virgin One Television Sunday 16th February at 8pm

Fota Into The Wild - Returns to Virgin One Television Sunday 16th February at 8pm

The four-part television programme is called - Fota: Into the Wild and was filmed by Red Pepper Productions over a period of nearly two years. Last week saw presenter Andrea Hayes follow Fota Wildlife Park's rangers and featured the Asiatic lion cubs, the first to be born in Fota; and a journey to Madagascar to observe some of the world’s most endangered lemurs in the wild.



Next week's second episode discusses Fota Wildlife Park's involvement in European Bison born in the Cork being reintroduced to the Wild in Romania and follows some of our staff as the visit Romania to see their progress.

In 2014 Fota Wildlife Park, working in partnership with the Aspinall foundation and three animal parks in the UK, successfully translocated six European bison to the wild in Romania as part of a conservation effort to save Europe’s largest land mammal from extinction. Six female captive-bred bison, from Fota Wildlife Park (Cork), Highland Wildlife Park (Inverness-shire) and Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Parks (Kent) were transported to the Vanatori Neamt Nature Park in Romania.

European bison were driven to extinction in the wild in the early twentieth century as the result of habitat destruction and severe hunting.  Through the captive breeding of the species in European zoos and a series of reintroduction projects, the population has gradually begun to increase and the IUCN subsequently reclassified European bison as Endangered, rather than Critically Endangered.
The Vanatori Neamt Nature Park is located in the Carpathians, a vast mountain range spanning across six countries including Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic.  The Carpathians is the last relatively unspoiled area of this size in Central and Eastern Europe and provides an important refuge for many rare and endangered species.



The programme will also feature two popular Red Pandas, Koda & Lionel and our rangers preparing for their journey to England as part of the European Breeding Programme.

Tune into Virgin Media One television next Sunday 16th February to see the second installment of the four-part hour-long series, Fota: Into the Wild from 8 pm to 9 pm.