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Give us your best ‘D’name at the Tiger Forest

Give us your best ‘D’name at the Tiger Forest

Earlier this month we announced the birth of a Sumatran Tiger cub, which is one of the rarest subspecies of tiger in the world, born in the park on the 25th June. The male cub is the second cub of eight-year-old mother Dourga and father, Denar, who is seven years of age. The rare Sumatran Tigers were classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2008.

We are now asking visitors to our Tiger Forest to suggest a name - but there’s a catch, the name must begin with the letter ‘D’.
The person who has suggested the chosen name will be in with a chance to win a Conservation Annual Pass to Fota Wildlife Park.

You can enter your suggestion by visiting the new cub and scanning one of the QR codes at Tiger Forest which will automatically link you to a form to enter the competition.

Sumatran tigers first arrived at Fota Wildlife Park in 2014 as part of the European Endangered Species programme (EEP). Mother Dourga originally came from Le Parc des Félins in France and father Denar from Warsaw City Zoo in Poland and their first cub, Dharma, now lives at Edinburgh Zoo where it is hoped that she will become an integral part of their breeding programme.   The other Sumatran tigers at Fota include; Batak, a five-year-old male that came in 2015 from Zoo Parc de Beauval in France and Mayang, a seven-year-old female who was born at Doué La Fontaine Zoo in France.