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Help Protect the Chagos Islands

One of the key goals of Fota Wildlife Park is to help promote conservation efforts around the world and now we want to help protect the chagos islands.

The Chagos Islands are in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They have belonged to Britain since 1814 (the Treaty of Paris) and are constituted as the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). Only Diego Garcia, where there is a base, is inhabited (by military personnel and employees). The other 54 tiny islands add up to only 16 square kms (8 square miles) in total.

Now, before it is too late, there is an opportunity to save this precious natural environment, creating a conservation area comparable with the Galápagos or the Great Barrier Reef.

Please sign their pledge by adding your details to the petition on www.protectchagos.org. This will register your support for this amazing project and encourage the British Government to make it a reality.