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Kids Blog

Jelly Fish Craft

Last weekend in the Activities Marquee our Jellyfish craft proved very popular with our young visitors to the park. They are super easy to make and the younger children love watching them fly around in the breeze.

If you missed it and would like to make it at home you'll need 

  •  some card (empty cereal box will do perfectly)
  •  tissue paper
  •  some string or wool
  •  a hole punch
  •  glue
  •  crayons
  •  scissors

Firstly cut out the shape for the Jellyfish body out of card and punch a hole in the top. Then cut your tissue paper into strips to make tentacles, you can leave them straight or fold them like a fan make the tentacles bouncy. 

Draw a fun face on the body you have cut out of the card. Once you're happy with it, turn the card over and put a strip of glue along the end of the jellyfish body , stick the tentacles along this line, leave them hang down. Once the glue is dry try a piece of string through the hole in the top.

We hung our Jellyfish outside in the trees, they are great fun to watch but had to move them inside at the end of day as they are not weather proof.

Here are some of the Jellyfish the children made at the weekend.

This weekend we'll be making Father's Day ties in the marquee from 11 - 2, be sure to call in to us if you are in the park and if you do make some Jellyfish at home (or any animal creations) we would love to see some pictures, you can send them to us at events@fotawildlife.ie or share them on our Facebook page.

We'll have lots more for you from the activity team on the kids blog this summer, so do check back.