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Name our new Baby Zebra

Baby Zebra born in Fota Wildlife Park

A little zebra has become the latest addition to the baby boom at Fota Wildlife following the recent arrival of Aoife the giraffe and now the park are looking for a name for the Zebra.

The Zebra was born in the early hours of Monday morning in the African savannah at the park. Operations manager for the park Tony O'Dwyer is delighted with the arrival "it is fantastic to have another baby at the park to join Aoife the giraffe plus we have a couple of joeys and ducklings in the park at the moment and this is made even better by the great weather we are currently experiencing".

The staff park have yet to determine the sex of the zebra as they do not want to break the bond between mother and child as of yet but they are hoping to find out over the next few days. In the meantime they want the public to come up with a name for the little zebra via a competition on their website www.fotawildlife.ie

Speaking about the competition the head of marketing for the park Stephen Ryan looks forward to the suggestions "we have had a few requests as of late to name animals after children that visit the park so now we are giving everyone the opportunity to name our new zebra via our website and the winner will get an annual membership." The prize of the membership will mean that they can visit the park all year round with their family or friends.

The zebras in residence at Fota Wildlife are named the Grant Zebra a close relation of the horse. The Grant Zebra is a social and nomadic animal that grazes on the grasslands and savannas of East Africa.

Zebra mothers will keep a newborn foal separate from the herd for a period of time long enough for the calf to imprint its mother's stripes (which are unique to her), smell, and call. Grant's zebras are the most abundant and widespread of any zebra species or sub-species.

The birth of the zebra comes only two weeks after the birth of Aoife the giraffe at the park who is now being introduced to the rest of the giraffe family at the park. Aoife and the baby Zebra will be in the savannah along with the other members of the giraffe, zebra, emu & scimitar horned Oryx families at the park this weekend.

To enter the competition click here