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New Wildlife Talks

Back in the chilly days of March the first of the seasonal wildlife talks began. Initially 12 talks took place around the park each day, including talks on the bison, giraffe, cheetah, seal, eagle and penguin, at the relevant enclosures.

Now, with our additional summer staff, we have been able to increase this number to 23 daily talks! This is an enormous increase on last year, when there were a total of six talks a day. The new talks on the macaque, flamingo, lar gibbon and siamang gibbon began on Bank Holiday Monday, with great feedback.

So, in addition to our Talks Presenters giving an information-packed ten minute talk on these animals, they will also try and answer any questions that you may have.

Please see the Facilities and Daily Events section to see what time each talk is on at, or check out the signs around the park!