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Positive Ageing Week at Fota Wildlife Park

To celebrate Positive Ageing Week which runs from Monday 25th September to Sunday 1st October 2017 we are offering our senior visitors a special discount of €8.00 per person (normally €11.50) plus a free round trip on our tour train. The tour train runs daily from 11.30am until 5.15pm – and is subject to seating availability. The Savannah and Oasis Cafes will also offer per person a free cup of tea with every spend over €5.  The specially priced senior’s tickets are only available at the entrance gate during Positive Ageing Week only from 25th September to 1st October. *

Fota Wildlife Park’s 100 acres now encompasses the Asian Sanctuary which features Asian Lions, Sumatran tigers, Lar Gibbons, Lion-tailed Macaques and Indian Rhino to name a few species there. Gira one of the lionesses recently gave birth to three cubs and Dharma, the Sumatran tiger cub is easily spotted in the Tiger Forest alongside her mother Dourga.

Other recent births include four cheetah cubs which currently live with their mother Nimpy just by Cheetah Hill.

The cheetah run, giraffe crossing and the Tropical House are also “must sees” however there is an abundance of experiences, flora and fauna to enjoy - everything from enjoying the beautiful parkland, to spotting the native species such as the Red Squirrel - to seeing our free-roaming species such as the Kangaroo, hop out in front of you.

Feeding times:
Daily April - October
10.45 Penguins
12.45 Cheetahs
2.15 Siamang Gibbons
4.00 Cheetahs
4.30 Penguins
5.00 Seal

Fota Wildlife Park, a non-profit organisation, is open all year around (expect for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day) and is totally reliant on gate receipts, memberships, sponsorships and corporate donations as its source of income.

The Park’s core values of conservation, education, and research have been instrumental in fostering greater public understanding of the threats to the biodiversity of animal and plant habitats; as well as maintaining some of the world’s most endangered species.

*Discount is non-transferable, discount not available on-line, not valid with any other offer