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Ranger Grace Answers Your Lemur Questions

Ranger Grace Answers Your Lemur Questions

World Lemur Day is the last Friday of October every year to celebrate lemurs and spread world-wide awareness on the species and their conservation.

All lemur species are found in Madagascar. The Island of Madagascar has lost 90% of its forest cover in the last 200 years. This has resulted in 80% of its animal and plant life being in danger of extinction. 

Fota Wildlife Park, is home to three different species of lemur, Red-bellied Lemurs, Black and White Ruffed Lemurs and Ring-tailed Lemurs. The latter being one of the iconic species in Fota Wildlife Park, with a history in breeding Ring-tailed lemurs since 1984 and many of their young have travelled to other animal facilities across the globe. The Ring-tailed lemurs have been free-roaming in Fota since 1985 and Fota has been a pioneer in the handling of the species.

Check out the video below with Ranger Grace answering questions on the lemur species at Fota. 




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