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Rebel Brass to perform at Fota Wildlife Park Thursday 22 Aug

Rebel Brass to perform at Fota Wildlife Park Thursday 22 Aug

Rebel Brass to perform at Fota Wildlife Park Thursday 22 Aug

Rebel Brass is a 15-piece teenage act that have sprung up from a music education partnership between Music Generation Cork City and Barrack Street Band Cork and they will play three live flash mob style sets at Fota Wildlife Park on Thursday 22 Aug. The New Orleans-style brass ensemble was seen late last year on the annual Late Late Toy Show and have recently appeared as part of the Spraoi Festival line-up earlier this summer.

Full of energy and soul, these livewires are inspired by their predecessors: brass bands the Hot 8 Brass Band, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Ireland’s own Booka Brass. In their year-old career, they have performed for the All Ireland Funds delegates at Adare manor, Bill Whelan (composer of Riverdance), President Michel. D Higgins, Prince Charles and Camilla, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

‘Rebel Brass’ is led by a team of dedicated professional musician-tutors: Shauna McCullough, Clodagh Kearney and Stephen Manning. They have been mentored by the New York Brass Band, Code of Behaviour and Booka Brass since the fateful first day at the New Orleans Jazz Parade at the Cork Jazz Festival in 2017, when they shared the stage at the Opera House with the New York Brass Band, dazzling audiences with the tangible love they have for their music. They have recently recorded original music in both the Cork School of Music Studio and the Long Yard Studio with Cork reggae outfit Fire & Water. 

Rebel Brass have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with world famous tightrope walker Chris Bullzini in his recent 120m walk over the River Lee in Cork City for Seafest June 2019. Rebel Brass have embarked on their first tour to East Sussex, UK in July 2019 before appearing in the Spraoi Festival line-up for 2019.

Don’t miss this  opportunity to see one of Ireland’s rising jazz ensembles play in a totally unique venue  - it will be in flash mob style so we don’t know where or even or at what time  in the Wildlife Park - so arrive early on Thursday 22nd to catch Rebel Brass perform. Fota Wildlife Park is open daily from 10am -see www.fotawildlife.ie for more information.