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Red Panda Baby Needs a Name

Ahead of International Red Panda Day which occurs on Saturday, Fota Wildlife Park in Cork are delighted to announce the birth of a Red Panda Cub and are looking for a member of the public to name it.

The cub whose sex is yet to be determined was born in June and is only the second Red Panda born in the park in 21 years making it one of the most significant births in the park this year. The 3 month old cub was up until this week inside her house with mum but has now begun to venture outside and will be seen for the first time by visitors to the park.

Speaking about the birth lead warden at the park Kelly Lambe said “we have been monitoring her progress with mum over the last few weeks from a distance; this gave them time to bond which has resulted in the cub now being able to come out on its own which is great”. The fantastic care for the cub by Bonnie will come as an extra boost to Fota as the last cub Rua born in 2010 had to be hand reared as his mum was unable to produce enough milk.  

This is the first cub for 3 year old Bonnie who originally came from Dublin Zoo and Dad Pete who is 5 years old. To mark this and International Red Panda Day which is coming up on Saturday, Fota Wildlife Park are looking for a name for the red panda cub.

The person with the best name for the cub will get a VIP behind the scenes tour and annual membership to the park. All people have to do is fillin the details in the box below before Friday 26th of September.

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The Red Panda is native to the Himalayas in Bhutan, southern China, Pakistan, India, Laos, Nepal, and Burma. The Red Panda, also called the Firefox or Lesser Panda is a mostly herbivorous mammal, favouring bamboo as its main food choice.

International Red Panda Day is organised by the Red Panda Network who are based in California to raise awareness and funds for the animal of which only 2500 remain in the wild. Fota Wildlife Park also contributes to the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) Forest Guardian Project which employs forest guardians to protect Red Pandas in Chintapu Community Forest at Maimajhuwa VDC in Nepal.

International Red Panda Day is not the only event happening this coming Saturday, as Fota Wildlife Park will also be celebrating the 1st Birthday of ROG the cheetah with a special birthday party at 2pm. Full details of the birthday party and International Red Panda Day can be found on Fota Wildlife Park’s Facebook page.