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The Golden Mantella

The Golden Mantella

The Golden Mantella is a small poisonous frog which is bright yellow, orange or red. Native to Madagascar, these Critically Endangered frogs don’t croak! Instead, males attract females by a series of clicking noises. This bright yellow frog is known for attempting to eat anything that can fit in their mouth, even if the taste is repulsive.



One of the BIAZA top ten reptiles and amphibians most reliant on zoos, the Golden Mantella are under threat due to deforestation and fragmentation. A captive-bred population reduces the stress on the populations in wild. Captive breeding programmes can provide a genetic safeguard, should the population undergo a drastic decline or even become extinct. They also provide sources for reintroduction into the wild.



To learn more about threatened amphibian species visit http://www.amphibianark.org .The Amphibian Ark Organisation is working to ensure the survival and diversity of amphibian species, focusing on those that cannot currently be safeguarded in nature.