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Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

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Say hello to baby Jamie!

Jamie, a female Howler, was born on the 16th October but has only been seen by the public recently due to her overprotective mother Mo camouflaging her for the first few months, as every new mum can identify with!

The tale of how Mo and Pedro first met is one of the greatest love stories in Fota Wildlife Park history! Pedro was the first of the Howler monkeys to arrive in the Park back in March 2010 but had to wait almost 2 months to meet his new love interest Mo. Mo was due to arrive at the park in April but like many others her travel plans from the UK were disrupted due to the volcanic ash cloud. As with any new animals we wondered if they would take to each other's company and settle in their new home but any fears were quickly allayed with maybe Pedro's French sophistication quelling any possible disputes!

Did you know? The Black ‘Howler' monkey is known to be one of the world's loudest animals (which according to the Guinness book of world records can be heard clearly for up to 3 miles!). The anatomy of the howlers' specialised voice box allows it to expand and amplify its calling sounds to reach those record breaking levels!!

The natural habitat of the Black Howler monkey is not the safety of Fota or the refinement of Pedro's former Parisian home, but the New World forests of Bolivia, Paraguay, southern Brazil, and northern Argentina. These animals are arboreal, spending the majority of their time in the forest canopy, rarely venturing on to the forest floor. This time spent high in the trees is split between feeding and social activities, but with the majority spent resting.