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St John’s Gospel Choir performing in the park this coming Sunday

The choir will be collecting money for the animal care course in St Johns College. This will go towards pet food for people who cannot afford to feed their animals.

St Johns Gospel choir is a multicultural, non-denominational group of singers, set up as a fledgling corps by a member of staff in early 2009 in St Johns Central College Cork; a college at the heart of the city. Its members are drawn together by a love of gospel sounds and rhythms. Initially, incorporating staff and students from St Johns, it has evolved and expanded to include the wider community, who have become core participants in its development and performances. It has an all - embracing ethos, echoed by its repertoire, which includes Gospel songs and music from all over the world.

The choir is led by choirmaster extraordinaire Yemi Bakare, hailing from Nigeria by way of America and Europe, accompanied by the unique sounds of King David on the electric piano and guitarist Sam Olaos.

There will also be arts and crafts from 12 - 4pm in the information hut between the penguins and red ruffed lemurs.