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Suggest a Name for One of Our New Lion Cubs!

Suggest a Name for One of Our New Lion Cubs!

Fota Wildlife Park announced last week that one of their Asian lionesses has given birth to her first litter of cubs in what is also a first for Fota Wildlife Park. There are three lion cubs, who were born on the 13th August to first time parents, mother Gira and father Shanto after a gestation of about 112 days. The cubs are made up of one male and two females. 

The pride of Asian lions at Fota Wildlife Park features the five-year-old male Shanto who came from Zoo de Santillana in Spain and two sisters Gira and Gita, both three, who came from Helsinki Zoo in Finland to the recently opened Asian Sanctuary. Fota Wildlife Park are experiencing something of a “cub-boom” at the moment as they also recently announced the birth of a Sumatran tiger cub and a litter of four cheetah cubs. Asian lions are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as there are only 500 individuals remaining in the wild.

In celebration of this momentous birth at Fota Wildlife Park we are asking the public to suggest a name for one of the cubs. To enter your suggestion, simply fill in the form below.

For each of the three chosen name suggestions there is a prize of a family day pass to Fota Wildlife Park. If there are multiple entries for the chosen name suggestion one random entry of this name will be chosen as the winner.


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