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Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

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The Cheetah Run - 4 mile road race

The Cheetah Run, May 21st, Fota Wildlife Park, Cork

The Cheetah is a most graceful cat, whose long legs and semi-retractile claws are adaptations to coursing swift antelope prey.  Cheetahs stalk their prey to about 30m, then sprint at up to 110kph. Fota Wildlife Park in Cork has been exceptionally successful in breeding Cheetahs in captivity.  Over 180 cubs have been born in the park since 1985.

The Cheetah formerly occupied all the grasslands, savannas and semi-deserts of Africa.  The activities of Man have so reduced it that it is now limited to a much smaller area and its population continues to decline.  Its present stronghold is in Namibia and donations to our collection box go to help conserve Namibian cheetahs.

How you can help?

Fota Wildlife Park in association with Eagle Athletic are organising the inaugural Cheetah Run on May 21st. This run is set to be the wildest 4 mile road race in Ireland and will take in views never seen at a race in Ireland before with spectators taking the shape of Giraffes, Bison, Lemurs, Kangaroos, Penguins and of course Cheetahs to name but a few. The race will start at 8pm with registration on the night between 6.30 and 7.45pm and the race also take in some of Fota House and Gardens. Some of the proceeds of this race will go towards the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. For more details on the race visit www.eagleac.net or www.fotawildlife.ie