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The first night in the wild was COLD for the 8 contestants

Night One

19:00 - Security Officer (S/O) contacted and reports that all contestants have been escorted from the Oasis Cafe back to the marquee after their evening meal. Contestants are now deep in conversation within the marquee. The S/O also notices a passing Peacock.

20:00 - S/O contacted and reports that Pearl, Jennifer and Claire went to the toilet at 19:25. Tim went to the toilet at 19:36. Claire had a cigarette at 19:37. Annie and Shane went to the toilet at 19:45. S/O also notices that the girls and boys are congregating on separate sides of the marquee.

21:00 - S/O contacted and reports that Pearl, Annie and Claire went to the toilet at 20:38. Tim and Paul went to the toilet at 20:49. Also at 20:32 four Llama walked up to the tent but walked off soon afterwards. All contestants are now back in the marquee with the girls and boys keeping to their separate sides.

22:00 - S/O reports that all contestants stayed within the confines of the marquee for the last hour. They are all currently inside their sleeping bags talking.

23:00 - S/O reports that the lights were turned off in the marquee at 22:01. They said they were going to sleep as most of them had been up since 05:00 and had quite a long day. At 22:20 Pearl ventured out for a trip to the toilet.

00:00 - S/O has nothing to report. There has been no movement and all the contestants are sound asleep in the marquee.

01:00 - S/O reports that the weather is getting quite bad. There is sleet falling and it has got very cold. The temperature has dropped to 3.5 degrees. There has been no movement from within the marquee.

02:00 - S/O contacted and says that three Llama approached the marquee at 01:25. They stayed for five minutes before moving off again. All is still quite within the marquee. There has been no other movement to record. The temperature has now dropped to 2 degrees.

03:00 - S/O contacted and has nothing to report for the last hour. No movement has been observed inside or outside of the marquee.

04:00 - S/O contacted and says all contestants are still asleep. No external movement to report.

05:00 - S/O still has nothing to report at this time as all contestants are still asleep and there has been no other activity.

06:00 - S/O contacted and reports that Shane woke up at 05:02 to go to the toilet. Shane went straight back into the marquee to go to sleep again when he returned from the toilet. Shane said to the S/O that he was really feeling the cold.

07:00 - S/O reports that Annie got up at 06:30 and went to the toilet. She said it was freezing cold in the marquee all night. She's never been so cold and kept waking throughout the night because of this. At 06:55 there was a lot of movement in the marquee as they all started to wake.