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Kids Blog

Tie Card Craft

For Father's day in the Activities Marquee we made card ties, you don't have to wait for next year's Father's day if you missed out though, they are perfect for dads or brothers. 

If you missed it and would like to make it at home you'll need

  • some card (empty cereal box will do perfectly)
  • some wool or elastic 
  • a hole punch
  • glue
  • crayons
  • scissors


First draw and cut out a tie shape out of a piece of card. When you are done punch a hole in the top and put aside for a moment. Then cut out either stripes or spots to decorate your tie with. (Make sure your stripes are a bit wider than your tie shape) If you're using recycled card like a cereal box you can paint your tie and stripes or spots and wait for them to dry. 



Glue your stripes or spots onto your tie. if your stripes are sticking out a little trim around the tie with a scissors. You can also add some extra decoration with some crayons, or write a message to make a fun greeting card. 


You can now tie some wool through the top to make a tie necklace for dad or just to hang up the tie. If you want to use the tie for dress up games, make sure to use elastic and not to tie too tight!