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Tim White is the King of the Wild Life

Tim White yesterday became the king of the wild life and walked away with €10,000 and a trip for two to Zambia. The Wild Life competition with Red FM and Fota Wildlife Park which began on Monday 29th of March and lasted for 8 days with 8 people, four men and four women created a huge voting frenzy in Cork with different communities getting behind their local contestant.

Following a week of eating raw liver, racing in lemur costumes, searching through zebra dung and putting up with stormy nights, it was left to the final four on Easter Monday. The remaining contestants were Tim from Mitchelstown, Pearl from Youghal, Claire from Douglas and Annie from Glengarrif with Tim winning the €10,000 and a trip for two to Zambia.

Speaking to Fotawildlife.ie after his win Tim said "I really can't believe it, it was an amazing week and to walk away with this just tops it all off". The trip to Zambia has been donated by a new tourism company in Dublin called travel4change who are hoping to build a new orphanage in Zambia which the winner will be working on for three days as part of their two week holiday.

"It was a very exciting day at the park, especially when it came down to Tim against Pearl for the big prize which also made it very tough as we built up strong friendships with the contestants over the eight days, but we would like to say congratulations to Tim on winning" added Stephen Ryan the head of Fota Wildlife Park who came up with the idea for the competition.

The highlights of the week can be seen on facebook by searching for "the wild life on red fm".