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Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

On-line booking pages are now open 7 days in advance.


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Tropical House Closed Mon 7th & Tues 8th of October

Tropical House Closed Mon 7th & Tues 8th of October

Due to Essential Maintenance Works the Tropical House will remain closed 1Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th of October 2019. We apologise for any inconvience caused. 


The Tropical House is home to a variety of amphibian, butterfly, fish and reptile species that are on display amogst 340 tropical plants.


Two of our popular recent additions to the Tropical House and the Pot-bellied Seahorse and Two-toed Sloth. 


The Pot-bellied Seahorse lives in a range of habitats from shallow areas of seagrass to deeper sponge gardens. It is foth in both Australia and New Zealand.



The Tow-toed Sloth is found in the tropical forest canopies of Central America and northern South America, including portions of Brazil and Peru. it is strictly arboreal, staying high in the canopy of tropical rain forests.