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Wardens brave the Cold Weather

The current cold spell in Ireland is believed to be the worst in 40 years with tempratures reaching -10 degrees last night.

As a result of the freezing conditions many of the park's animals and birds are snuggled away in their homes except the penguins who are enjoying a dip in the frosty lakes in the park. Often seen as the funny species at the park the penguins now have the last laugh over their fellow residents including the monkey's and the lemurs who are more familiar with exotic climes.

The wardens however have worked through the cold spell and braved the freezing cold lakes. "This week has been very tough, most of the lakes are frozen solid we even had to break the ice to get across to the gibbon and macaque houses and make sure the heaters were working ok" said head warden Willie Duffy.

Primates at the park usually sit out in the sun but in this weather you will see them huddled up together near their houses. As a result staff regularly inspect all the heaters in the animal housing to ensure they are warm enough.

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