[close] × Fota Wildlife Park Covid-19 Update

Following the most recent Government announcement Fota Wildlife Park is set to re-open on the 26th April.

On-line booking pages are now open 7 days in advance.


Conservation Fota Wildlife Park

Wildlife Parks and Zoos have a vital role to fulfill when it comes to Conservation because without preserving real life habitats around the world, it is almost meaningless to maintain animals in captivity.

Our objectives

Fota Wildlife Park cares for several different animal species in danger of extinction. Through long-established Breeding programmes, which are run cooperatively with other institutions around the world, the Park is helping restore populations of some species while protecting the very survival of others.

Conservation is something everyone can contribute to by re-telling our animals’ stories and making as many people aware of just how critical our efforts here in Ireland and further afield are.

As part of this effort, the Park is actively seeking to reduce its carbon footprint and introduced three Green Zones areas in order to promote and demonstrate sustainable recycling practices to visitors in June 2012.

Read more in our Breeding programmes and Conservation in Ireland sections.