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2021 - All Ireland Ladybird Survey Educational Tours

We need your help with the All Ireland Ladybird Survey!!

The All Ireland Ladybird online survey is part of a research project on 'The status, threats, protection and conservation of ladybirds in Ireland'. The research project is managed by Fota Wildlife Park and University College Cork. This citizen science online project is part of research towards a PhD degree and involves a wider group of participants. These are Fota Wildlife Park; University College Cork; National Museums Northern Ireland (CEDAR); National Museum of Ireland; Dr Roy Anderson and www.biology.ie. The project is funded by the Irish Research Council and Fota Wildlife Park.

Why is this survey Important?

1. This survey helps to improve the understanding of the distribution of ladybirds in Ireland.
2. This research has been instigated primarily by the arrival of a non-native ladybird species the Harlequin ladybird.
3. The Harlequin ladybird preys on the larvae of native ladybirds and also outcompetes them for food.

Outcomes of the project:

* Conservation plans for Irish ladybirds.
* An educational module for Fota Wildlife Park on ladybirds.
* An understanding on the impact of an invasive species on native ladybirds.

How can you help?

Download the Native Ladybirds of Ireland Sheet and the Harlequin Ladybird Identification Sheet from biology.ie  

 If you are in your garden, going for a walk or at work and you see a ladybird:
>>>> Leave it on the plant/place that you found it.
>>>> Take a photo.
>>>> Make a note of where it is, date, time, description.
>>>> Go to the biology.ie webpage and record your sightings.

Photographs are very important as they help to verify records.

You can now record with the Irish Ladybird Survey App available on Android via Playstore 

The new app, called Irish Ladybird Survey, is now available free from Google Play store and it makes it very simple to upload an image of a ladybird, it automatically records the location, thus eliminating that step. The App was developed by Liam Kelly supervised by Bill Emerson of UCC Business Information Systems as part of a project called CARL.

Contact: ladybird@fotawildlife.ie for further information.