[close] × Fota Wildlife Park Covid-19 Update

Following the most recent Government announcement and as part of national measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Fota Wildlife Park has taken the decision to temporarily close its gates to the public from close of business on Friday 8th January 2021 for the foreseeable future


Learn from Home Resources Educational Tours

Our Education Dept. have put together workbooks on some of the animals here at the park for you to learn from from home.

Get your ‘Giraffes at Fota Wildlife Park’ workbook here -

You can learn some fun facts about the giraffes but also their names and how to recognise the individual giraffes in the park.








Get your Gibbons at Fota Wildlife Park workbook here -

We have three different species of Gibbon here at Fota Wildlife Park, learn about the three different types.








Get your Rhinos and the Indian Rhino at Fota Wildlife Park workbook here -








Learn about the Sumatran Tiger and the five tigers we have here at Fota Wildlife Park








Get your ‘Brazilian Tapir’ workbook here -








Learn about a visitor favourite species here at the park, the Humboldt Penguin here -








A 'spirit animal' to some, get the Two-toed Sloth workbook here -








Get your critically endangered Colombian Black Spider Monkey workbook here -








Learn all about the Meerkat mob at Fota Wildlife Park in this workbook -