Learnit LEGO Workshops - WeDo Junior Robotics (children aged 6 - 12)

Learnit LEGO Workshops – WeDo Junior Robotics (children aged 6 – 12)

The Learnit LEGO WeDo Junior Robotics Event is free with entry. Venue – Marquee by Oasis Cafe


Pre booking of this event is essential.


Entry must be bought prior to the event or use an annual pass to gain entry. You can book entry tickets or annual passes via the link here.


* This event is Subject to Availability


Suitable for children aged 6 – 12. Parental or guardian supervision is required throughout the workshop.


Junior Robotics involves LEGO with a twist! Children follow step by step instructions on a tablet to build their LEGO creation and once completed, they program it to make it come to life! Among the different build options available is a frog, so for example children could make a LEGO version of the frogs in the Tropical House.

We propose keeping each family unit together on the day so children from each family can share their LEGO resources, with siblings sharing up to a max of 3 per console.


** Venue – Marquee by Oasis Cafe – this is approximately half way around the Park, please allow adequate time to arrive at the Marquee**

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.