Asian Plains Fundraisers

Phase 3: Asian Plains 2016


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The Asian Plains development will see a number of larger land animals added to the list of Fota Wildlife Park’s resident species.


The additional 27 acres will become home to Indian Rhinos, Takins, a number of Blackbuck, Goitered Gazelle, Onagers, Mesopotamian fallow deers and the Turkmenian markhor - within an area of the Park dedicated to creating a distinctly Asian ambiance.

Asian Wetlands Fundraisers

Phase 2: Asian Wetlands 2015


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The Asian Wetlands area is set to be one of the most exciting aspects of the new development.

Home to a number of unusual Gibbon species, the Wetlands will also feature a landscaped lakes area that will house Red-crowned and White-naped cranes as well as Oriental white storks, various ornamental waterfowl and the White-tailed Eagle.

Asian Forest Fundraisers

Phase 1: Asian Forest 2014


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The initial part of our Asian Sanctuary development will begin with the Asian Forestry element of the project.

Fota Wildlife Park already has Red Pandas and Lion-tailed macaques on site and these species will be joined by Sumatran tigers, Visayan warty pigs, Malayan tapirs, Sloth bears and Edward’s pheasant over the coming years.