[close] × All visitors are required to pre-book a ticket in advance of visiting Fota Wildlife Park

Please note that we are requiring all our visitors to pre-book a time and date in advance of their visit as part of our re-opening protocols and procedures. Times/dates are available to book a week in advance.



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The Covid 19 crisis has meant that Fota Wildlife Park has had to temporarily close its gates to the public for the foreseeable future.  Fota is a non-profit organisation and is also a registered conservation charity and a large portion of the income comes from daily visitors and annual pass holders, to date the Park has lost €1,000,000 in income since closing.


While the Park is currently empty of visitors the cost of feeding the 135 species is approximately €30,000 a month - and if you would like to make a donation today to go towards the feeding bill and operational costs you can do so above.


Fota is completely self-financing, relying on gate receipts, membership fees, retail sales and animal sponsorships and for its income year-round.


We would like to thank you for your support - every donation makes a difference.

Donate Today