Education Events

1st - 2nd
  • Time: 12 - 4pm each day
  • Location: Marquee outside Oasis Cafe

Mad Scientist Weekend 2017

Mad Scientist Weekend 2017This weekend we have mad scientist weekend, with science based fun 12-4 each day including experiments, arts & craft, an oculus rift and a giant digestive system you can walk through.

Join us this weekend for Mad Scientist Weekend this Saturday and Sunday in the park!

With, Old Cork Waterworks Experience,

Tyndall Institute,

Learn it - Inspiring the Creators of Tomorrow,

Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences,UCC,

& APC Microbiome Institute,

whowill be joining our own 'mad scientists' for a fun weekend of science including an Oculus Rift and a giant digestive system!

5th - 6th
  • Time: 12-4pm daily
  • Location: Marquee outside Oasis Cafe

Native Species Weekend 2017

Native Species Weekend 2017

Meet a selection of Ireland’s terrestrial and aquatic inhabitants at Fota Wildlife Park this coming August Bank Holiday.

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  • Time: 12-4pm
  • Location: Marquee outside Oasis Cafe
Oct - Nov

Wildlife Talks and Feeding Times mid-term

Wildlife Talks - free with entry

11.00                    Oryx & Bison
11.30                    Indian Rhino
12.00                    Siamang Gibbon
12.30                    Asiatic Lion
12.45                    Cheetah Run
2.30                       Tapir & South American
3.00                       Sumatran Tiger
3.30                       Eagle & Seal
4.00                       Cheetah Run
4.30                       Penguin
5.15                       Giraffe Crossing

Feeding Times - free with entry

10.45 Penguins
12.45 Cheetahs
2.15 Siamang Gibbon
4.00 Cheetahs
4.30 Penguins
5.00 Seals

1st - 3rd

Halloween Activity Camps

Halloween Activity Camps

The camps offer participants a variety of fun nature-based activities delivered by experienced professional facilitators in a unique environment! From exploring woodlands to learning about Fota’s  animal family – every day will be an adventure! Suitable for 5 to 12-year-olds.

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