Tips & Park Rules - Fota Wildlife Park

Tips & Park Rules

Tips & Park Rules

We want all of our visitors to have a great day out at the Park, so follow these simple tips and rules and create some fantastic memories.

Be prepared – Park Tips!

  • Refreshments are available to buy from the cafés and shop within the Park and it’s a good idea to have drinks and snacks with you during your walk around the island.
  • A visit to Fota Wildlife Park is an outdoor activity so bring sun cream, sunglasses, hats and light rainwear in the summer and heavier clothing to wrap up during winter months.
  • There are plenty of areas to sit and have a picnic but please do not feed your food to the animals or birds as it may make them ill.
  • Duck food is available to buy from the Duck Feeder Hut at the Lake Area (the machine takes €1 coins only).
  • Much of the Park is open to visitors but we do ask that animals are allowed go through their day in peace and visitors stick to paths as much as possible.
  • Most of the animals do not mind if visitors come relatively close but they are still wild animals so avoid making sudden, loud noises and respect each animal’s habitat.

Please take the time to read our Park Rules

Fota Wildlife Park is home to many free-ranging animals. This gives you a unique opportunity to see these animals in natural surroundings. Please respect this privilege by observing the following:

  • The following ARE NOT PERMITTED in the Park: dogs (including guide dogs and assistance dogs) or any other animal or pet, balloons, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, balls, frisbees and alcohol.
  • DO NOT CROSS BOUNDARIES OR FENCES: Staff members have the authority to ask anyone who attempts to cross boundaries or interfere with animals (including feeding) to leave the Park.
  • PLEASE RESPECT THE FREEDOM OF THE ANIMALS: Do not feed or get too close to the animals – they are not pets and may bite or scratch. Those who do not respect the privilege of being amongst the animals will be asked to leave the Park immediately.
  • DO NOT FEED OR CHASE THE ANIMALS: It is unnecessary, to do so can damage their health and lead to serious, even fatal injury.
  • DO NOT DROP LITTER: Please use the bins in the Green Zones provided at both cafes and the Main Entrance to the Park.
  • NO DRONE ZONE: The Park is strictly a no drone zone. There are some areas within the Park that do not allow flash photography. This is in the interest of animal welfare. Please read our full photography policy.

These rules are for the safety of both the animals and the visitor to Fota Wildlife Park. Breaking these rules will result in you being asked to leave the Park as the welfare of the animals and the safety of our visitors is paramount to the Park.

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If you do not wish to purchase a printed guide book & map of the park, we have maps on boards as you walk around the park.