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Tours and Experiences

Tours and Experiences

Fota Wildlife Park is a very special place, and you can see it in a whole new light when you take one of our exciting tour options.

We offer a range of Educational Tours and Courses, as well as Guided Tours and Behind the Scenes Tours that let you in on several secrets about our fabulous animal residents. Find out what we offer below and contact us to see how we can help you to discover Fota Wildlife Park for yourself.

Educational Courses and Tours

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Fota Wildlife Park plays an important role in helping to educate more than 15,000 students every year, when they visit the Park as part of their primary, secondary or tertiary education programmes. Our mission focuses on conservation and global biodiversity, and our Education team are experts in making this accessible and fun for students of all ages and abilities to discover. Learning materials and content can be adapted to suit any requirements, and the exciting habitats and environments within the Park are perfectly suited to a practical exploration of these themes.

Our younger visitors are always excited to find out more about the animals they see as they explore the Park, and talking to the Rangers about their daily experience of caring for the creatures here can help to develop their understanding of different species, as well as concepts such as extinction and habitats. Visiting various habitats, for example, and finding out which animals thrive within them, is a great hands-on way to understand why animals live in different places and what can happen when their habitats are threatened.

You can find out more about our full range of Educational Tours and Courses here and remember that we are very happy to work with you to design a tour or programme of study that will suit you and your students. You can contact our Educational Team to talk about the options for your tour, and we can help you to make the most of your visit.


VIP Experiences

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* * Please note our VIP Experiences Private Tours are extremely popular,  please please call our team on (021) 481 2678 for more. **
A behind-the-scenes tour is a very popular choice for families and people living in the same household who are visiting the Wildlife Park, and this can incorporate feeding and caring for some of our most popular animals, and finding out more about the habitats they live in. For example, your tour could include finding out what happens inside the giraffe house or how the Cheetah Run works. Popular options also include feeding our group of Humboldt penguins, whose antics have them firmly established as one of the species our visitors love best! For more please contact our team here. ** Please note our VIP Experiences are often heavily booked, please call our team on (021) 481 2678 for more. **

Planning Your Tour at Fota Wildlife Park

Anyone who loves animals will relish the chance to explore the Park in a different way, finding out more about the creatures who live here and learning how to make a difference to endangered species in the future. A tour that demonstrates what our rangers do on a daily basis and allows visitors to meet residents of the Park is a unique opportunity to glimpse the reality of a career in conservation or animal care and to understand how rewarding this type of work can be. You may also wish to explore the VIP Experiences on offer at Fota Wildlife Park, as these offer a more in-depth view of this environment and enable you to get to grips with the way in which our conservation and breeding programmes work in conjunction with other Wildlife Parks and Zoos across Europe. LEARN MORE