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Fundraising Programmes

Fundraising Programmes

As a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), Fota Wildlife Park raises funding and awareness around each of the organisation’s annual Conservation campaigns.

A different target is picked each year – whether it’s a specific group of endangered animals or an area of the world in need of attention – and the Park has been very successful in getting such Conservation messages out into the public domain in Ireland.

Fota also has an excellent record of fundraising for campaigns, including the Tiger Campaign (2003/04), Madagascar Campaign (2007) and Carnivore Campaign (2009).

The Park supports a number of worthy projects, initiatives that have made a real difference to both local animal populations and the area’s wider community and these are always carefully chosen by Fota’s management team.

  • WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • Giraffe Conservation Foundation
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia
  • Falklands Conservation, Southern Ocean
  • Menabé Forest Project, Madagascar
  • Madagascan Pochard Project, Madagascar
  • Flower Valley Project, South Africa
  • Awacachi Corridor Project, Ecuador
  • Owston’s Palm Civet Conservation Programme, Vietnam
  • The Red Bank Scarlet Macaw Conservation Programme, Belize
  • Irish Peatlands
  • Cork Bat Group
  • Cork Otter Group
  • Cork Harbour

Take a look at this video of the Madagascar pochard project, we raise funds for this project through the duck feeder in the park and work closely with Durrell Wildlife Trust.

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