Education & Tours Fota Wildlife Park

Promoting awareness of Biodiversity and Conservation is a fundamental objective at Fota Wildlife Park and that ethos is rarely more evident than in our award-winning Education Department.

Set up in 1995 to cater for guided tours of the Park, close to 15,500 students pass through our gates every year which makes us one of the biggest educational tour providers in Ireland. 

The education team caters for all age groups from Junior Infants right up to course modules for Adult Education and tours for Over 65s. Our aim is to create a greater respect for the natural world while giving real insight into the threats being posed to the world’s habitats and species.

“When people think about extinction, they assume it’s about exotic, tropical locations and animals rather than anything on their own doorstep," Lynda Sweeney, Head of Education at Fota Wildlife Park, explained.

"We create awareness around the impact that certain activities - habitat destruction, poaching and pollution - have on the world and ensure that everyone coming to the Park realises that we all directly or indirectly contribute towards species loss. It’s the reason why organisations like Fota exist.”

See our Schools, Adult Education, Camps: Play & Learn and Sandford Award sections for more details about the school tours, courses and outdoor activities options available at Fota Wildlife Park. For Group Tour information, please see our Tours section.

In the end, we will conserve what we love and respect. We will love and respect only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught or allowed to experience.

Attributed to Baba Dioum, an African conservationist